Who you gonna call!?


Hello all misogynists!

I trust you’re all well today. So I’ve been closely following the whole Ghostbusters debacle ever since the trailer dropped and I have of course decided that the SJW (social justice warriors) are absolutely correct.

It makes perfect sense now! All men who are unwilling to watch the Ghostbusters reboot are misogynists.
Because the all female cast is the only reason people aren’t gonna watch this. I agree with this completely.

This is the single reason I’m going to be in the theatre day one to watch Ghostbusters. Because I don’t want to be branded a misogynist.

I mean, there’s no way that people are passing on this movie for a reasonable cause. It’s not like there could be another reason. I’m fairly sure it’s not that the idea of a reboot to one of the most beloved franchises ever created is unnecessary. No that can’t be it.

It also can’t be the horrible marketing for the movie. No. The marketing team is doing a brilliant job of not at all making the movie look like it should be a three minutes skit on SNL.

I’m also confident in saying that the problematic development cycle has nothing to do with it. It Couldn’t be that people who looked forward to Ghostbusters 3 for years and years are now so sick of the franchise that they gave up on it when the reboot was announced.

Lastly, it also can’t be that people just don’t find the trailers for the movie to be good. Focused on one liners and CGI. Not at all.

Nope. None of that makes sense. It’s clear that you are all misogynistic pigs and you should be branded as such!

/end sarcasm


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