You know nothing (about being objectified), Jon Snow!

So apparently Kit Harrington is getting some crap for saying there is sexism aimed at men as well as women in Hollywood.

It’s funny how white men think what they say is going to ring true for anyone today. After all, white men are the scourge of the earth. I know, because I read it on the Internet. Of course there is no such thing as sexism against men. None at all!

Women are the only ones being objectified by Hollywood. Never has a man been objectified.

So get this: Kit is offended that everyone just thinks of him as a pretty boy, and not an actor with talent. And the news outlet where I read this, ended their article with taking a pot shot at him by saying that just because he’s not undressed as much as the women of Game of Thrones, he’s not allowed to feel this way. Because clearly it’s Kit Harrington’s fault that women are being objectified on Game of Thrones! It has nothing to do with the fact that the books were written that way in the first place.

We all know there’s no such thing as sexism towards men. Especially white men. Silly Kit!

Me personally, I think Kit is handsome, but not as handsome as Jensen Ackles or Stephen Amell, but still handsome.

So here’s my suggestion: Kit, if you ever read this, spend the next season without a shirt so that your opinions on this subject will matter!

/end sarcasm


Who you gonna call!?


Hello all misogynists!

I trust you’re all well today. So I’ve been closely following the whole Ghostbusters debacle ever since the trailer dropped and I have of course decided that the SJW (social justice warriors) are absolutely correct.

It makes perfect sense now! All men who are unwilling to watch the Ghostbusters reboot are misogynists.
Because the all female cast is the only reason people aren’t gonna watch this. I agree with this completely.

This is the single reason I’m going to be in the theatre day one to watch Ghostbusters. Because I don’t want to be branded a misogynist.

I mean, there’s no way that people are passing on this movie for a reasonable cause. It’s not like there could be another reason. I’m fairly sure it’s not that the idea of a reboot to one of the most beloved franchises ever created is unnecessary. No that can’t be it.

It also can’t be the horrible marketing for the movie. No. The marketing team is doing a brilliant job of not at all making the movie look like it should be a three minutes skit on SNL.

I’m also confident in saying that the problematic development cycle has nothing to do with it. It Couldn’t be that people who looked forward to Ghostbusters 3 for years and years are now so sick of the franchise that they gave up on it when the reboot was announced.

Lastly, it also can’t be that people just don’t find the trailers for the movie to be good. Focused on one liners and CGI. Not at all.

Nope. None of that makes sense. It’s clear that you are all misogynistic pigs and you should be branded as such!

/end sarcasm

I’ve had enough…

The other day me and my girlfriend discussed political correctness. We’re both supporting equality among people across all colours and religions and we’re very open to sampling different cultures. The discussion eventually reached the dreaded “but”. A friend of mine recently told me to stay away from the word but, because anything you say before a but is basically null and void after you slip that little word into the sentence.

Getting back on point here. The word “but” in this case is not about equality or that people shouldn’t have equal rights. It’s more about how the world works lately. Being politically correct for the sake of being politically correct somtimes to the point where it becomes ridiculous. So ridiculous that you don’t know wether you should laugh or cry. I live in Sweden, and damn it’s easy to offend people here. You can’t say or do anything without anyone getting mad. Or as we say here, kränkt. One group of people are offended one day, and another group is offended the next becuase the first group was offended in the first place. Just grow a pair and stop your bullshit!

If you’ve never been kränkt, then prepare to be if you choose to follow this blog. Because chances are you’re not going to like everything I have to say, and that’s okay. We all have different views on the world and this is mine. I’m doing this for one simple reason: I need a way to vent my frustration in a world that’s growing more aggrieved by the second. In fact, by the time I finish this introduction post, there will probably have been several people somewhere in the world taking offense from some ridiculous post or news story, which suits me nicely as it’ll give me more to write.

Och för att svenskarna inte ska bli kränkta (inte egentligen, utan mer för att jag har valt att skriva på två språk):

Häromdagen så diskuterade jag och min flickvän politisk korrekthet. Både jag och hon stödjer jämställdhet mellan kön och allas lika värde oavsett hudfärg eller religion. Diskussionen nådde till slut punkten där en av oss sa “men”. En vän till mig rådde mig nyligen att begränsa användningen av ordet men, eftersom allt du säger i en mening innan du använder ordet men i stort sett blir ett uttalande som inte längre har någon mening.

Tillbaka till vad jag egentligen ville säga. Ordet “men” i detta fallet används inte negativt om jämställdhet eller politisk korrekthet. Det syftar mer på hur världen har nått en punkt där vi är politiskt korrekta för sakens skull och ibland till den punkt där det blir så löjligt att läsa eller höra om det att man inte vet om man ska skratta eller gråta. Jag bor i Sverige, och fy fan vad svenskar har blivit lätta att förolämpa. Man kan ju inte längre säga något utan att folk blir förbannade. Eller, för att använda allas favoritord, kränkta. En grupp människor är kränkta ena dagen och en annan är kränkt nästa dag för att den första gruppen kände sig kränkt. Ge för fan upp och skaffa lite stake!

Om ni aldrig har blivit kränkta, så förbered er på att bli det om ni väljer att följa mig. Ni kommer troligtvis inte gilla allt jag har att säga och det är okej. Alla har sin syn på saker och detta är min. Jag gör detta av en simpel anledning: för att få ett utlopp för min frustration över en värld som blivit så lättkränkt att man knappt kan titta på någon utan att de tar illa vid sig. När jag väl har avslutat den här introduktionsposten så kommer det säkert finnas ett antal människor i världen som just blivit förolämpade för att de sett något på nyheterna eller på nätet. Det passar mig utmärkt för det ger mig mer att skriva om.